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Welcome to www.exotictechnews.com . In this website, we share everything about technology or any other important things on a daily basis. In this website, We give the reviews, best Android apps and other important softwares and also give some basic tips about how to make make money, SEO, some Blogging tips and all the informations which gives in this website is very genuine and most important thing, we do not give any wrong informations.

MISSION of exotictechnews
The mission of exotictechnews is to provide the knowledge in all over the world and we share our views about the following topics which are given below:
  • Phone Reviews
  •  Best Mobile Application
  • Software Reviews
  •  Android Tricks
  • YouTube Tips
  • Make Money Online
  • Latest Technology
  • Jio
  • SEO
  • Blogging tips

About Founder/Author
Exotic Irfan is the founder/owner and author of this website. Now, He is an Electronics and Communication Engineer. He has completed his Bachelor of technology from Haryana Engineering college, Jagadhri under Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra in Haryana with the First Class Honor Degree.

SKILLS of Exotic Irfan

  • Blogger
  • Web Designer
  • VHDL
  • C
  • Microsoft
  • Youtuber and much more
He loves to do blogging related to technology. Android app, YouTube and other important applications. Exotic Irfan also loves to make YouTube videos and the name of his channel is Exotic Irfan.
Don't hesitate to connect with him and feel free because he is an Exotic Irfan and he likes to solves the problems of others and helps to others....
"Be an Exotic Human Being not only a Human Being"

Email address: exotictechnews.com@gmail.com
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