Useful Google Chrome Extensions of all time

Updated: November 20, 2021 by Exotic Irfan

Chrome Extensions: With the shifting of screen time from hard drive to online, Google Chrome has become a frequent base for internet users who like to use the Google peddled web browser.

That is why it has become one of the most popular and widely used Google tools. Once known for exhausting the system resources and lagging the whole computer or mobile device, this tool has come a long way with product enhancements from its maker.

Nevertheless, we cannot ignore the fact that it is one of the most capable platforms with every growing extension ecosystem that caters to a wide range of user base and their requirements.

That is why here we are today with some useful Chrome extensions that you must have.

Useful Google Chrome Extensions

Chrome Extensions

Thousands of chrome extensions exist on the platform. For whatever work or requirement you need, there is one for it.

Though you can install as many of them as you want, the side effect is that it will bring your resource-hungry browser to a grinding halt.

How many and what type you want is your choice and decision to make. But here we will introduce you to some that you cannot afford to miss that will come in handy for you whether you use an android mobile, a Mac, or Windows or Linux PC.

For software and setups other than extensions you can go here and find the latest you need for your systems and devices.

Adblock Plus

We love spending time on the internet but when an ad pops up in the middle of our favorite video or reading something interesting, it just dampens our mood. At the same time, there are websites that put the information we need in the middle of cascading advertisements, like a needle in a haystack.

To counter such situations we have Adblock Plus. It will keep your browsing experience free from all the glittering and popping distractions. With a single tap, you can unblock the adverts if the site demands or you think they deserve some revenue for what they give.

It gives you the option to block pop-ups and banner ads. Stop the tracking bots from accessing your online activity and ensure your privacy. Prevent malvertisers from getting into your browser behind the ads.

Whitelist the websites that deserve the advertising space or ones you trust. These and much more features are there for you with full support from the developers. Give it a try and browse ad-free.


With so much to sign up for online, we have a number of passwords more than we could remember. That is why the programmers have come up with password managers that can do that hard task for you. So if you are looking for one of the best and free ones. We have got you covered.

Bitwarden is one of the secure and most user-friendly managers of passwords. It stores all your login details in an encrypted vault, which you can sync across a number of your devices.

The data here is secured using AES-256 bit encryption, PBKDF2 SHA-256, and salted hashing. If it’s your first time shopping for a password manager, Bitwarden is there to secure all that matters for you.

Image of Google Chrome Extensions

Privacy Badger

Among all the useful Google Chrome extensions, Privacy Badger from Electronic Frontier Foundation has a special place. It came into existence from the business models of ad blockers and privacy tools.

Looking at various trackers and tracking tools the advertising companies and other involved parties use to trace the online actions of an internet user. The Badger is developed to selectively block them from executing their tasks.

This is done with the built-in learning algorithms which adapt to the websites you visit and the new tracking tools found there. Though it is not an ad blocker, still it prevents some from displaying on your screen, if it deems them invading your privacy.

Tab Wrangler

Do you keep on adding tabs to your browsing space and forget to visit them in a while? If your answer is yes, you must know that it adds more work for your system to handle the data and puts the load on the resource, and drains the battery.

With Tab Wrangler you don’t need to worry about it anymore. With it close tabs that have been there but don’t deserve your attention in a while. But the plus point is, you can get them as soon as you need them.

This means you can keep as many tabs open as you want, without affecting the performance of your device.

Closes tabs that have been languishing open for too long, but keeps them close to hand for when you need them. If you are a tab hog, this is a must-have, and it allows me to keep dozens of tabs open without the performance hit.

Not just that it prevents auto-closing from your favorite sites. The sync option saves settings between multiple devices and locks the tabs from closing with many more additional features.


These are just a few useful Google Chrome extensions brought to you. There are hundreds of more useful ones available according to your needs and requirements. But these are the ones that every user must have no matter what their nature of use is. We hope you like this collection. You can mention your favorite extension in the comments below.

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