5 Best Men Watches Under 1000 USD in 2021 (Trending Now)

Updated: July 29, 2021 by Exotic Irfan

Best Men Watches Under 1000 USD – For some good reasons, watches remain such a top-favorite and staple luxury item for men. Aside from having shiny, pricey cars, owning a top-notch watch is definitely one part of their lifestyle. With numerous watch brands in the horology market, sometimes it’s hard to choose where to opt and invest in a durable, stylish, and functional time-telling tool.

Especially if you’re in the middle of deciding whether to spend all you have to splurge your desire of owning a high-caliber piece from prestigious brands or simply opt for an affordable yet still stunning and functional piece.

To help you end this dilemma, we have listed here the five best men’s watches under 1,000 USD that are all worth buying and investing in, as some of the watches in the rundown are Swiss-made timepieces. Also, each timepiece on the list is designed and created out of the brand’s own expertise and excellence in crafting a luxury timepiece. So, keep scrolling and check this out!

Best Men Watches Under 1000 USD

Best Men Watches Under 1000 USD

1) Longines Presence, Ref. L4.790.2.11.2

It is undeniable that buying a classy dress watch will ask you to spend a huge amount as it’s one of the most expensive types of watch. But with this Presence L4.790.2.11.2 watch from the Longines Swiss brand, there is no need for you to drop thousands of bucks for a refined timepiece. Available for only 900 USD, this watch features a minimalist yet classic style like other dress watches in the horology market. It is designed and crafted out of premium materials and, of course, the brand’s outstanding innovation and craftsmanship.

This Longines Presence features a yellow gold PVD stainless steel case, a white dial with a Roman numeral hour marker at its core which is always protected by its scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. It features a 38 mm case size with a black cow leather strap, which is typical for an exquisite dress watch. It is also equipped with a water resistance feature of up to 30 meters in depth.

3) Mido Ocean Star, Ref. M0264304706100

The next watch on the list is from the Swiss watchmaker Mido, a brand popular for its timeless style watches. This Ocean Star M0264304706100 is easily recognizable because of its bold yet stunning orange rubber strap, which perfectly matches its grey titanium case and black dial. Its 42.5 mm case is equipped with a sapphire crystal to protect its dial from any scratch or damage.

One highlight it offers is its top-notch caliber 80, a next-gen automatic movement that offers the highest accuracy, timekeeping, and approximately 80 hours of power reserve. With its titanium case to protect its automatic movement, this Ocean Star M0264304706100 can survive underwater up to 200 meters in depth. It is available for only 815.00 USD, an affordable diving timepiece for your next scuba adventure.

3) Raymond Weil Freelancer, Ref. 2760-ST1-20001

Another top-notch diver watch that truly deserves to be included on the list is a durable and reliable piece from Raymond Weil, the Freelancer 2760-ST1-20001. It is quite a big watch with its 42.5 mm diameter, featuring a stainless steel case and straps with a dark dial that boasts so much sophistication and practicality. It is a must-have diver watch if you’re into a minimalist design with a budget-friendly price of 895 USD.

More than that, it is powered by a superb Swiss-made automatic movement to ensure it offers the highest timekeeping and the power reserve of up to 38 hours. As a diver’s watch, its main highlight is its water resistance of 300 meters in depth.

4) Luminox Atacama Field, Ref. 1907.NF

If you’re going to ask me, this Atacama Field Automatic 1907.NF is definitely my top-pick watch among the five watches on the list. It features a 316L stainless steel case with a glamorous champagne dial and a unique green textile strap. It is equipped with a 100% Swiss-made SW220-1 HH5 automatic movement to ensure it offers the highest accuracy, timekeeping to anyone wearing it.

Aside from that, it is equipped with a water resistance feature of up to 200 meters in depth. It is also an affordable watch available for only 719.00 USD. If you’re looking for a favorite crowd watch to own, with unique and impressive features to offer, this Atacama Field Automatic 1907.NF from Luminox is such a great option. It is a time-telling tool that deserves to be on your radar.

5) Hamilton Khaki Aviation, Ref. H76419531

As a Swiss watchmaker prominent for its aviation watches, one inexpensive watch from Hamilton truly deserves to be included here. It’s Khaki Aviation, Ref. H76419531 is a 36 mm timepiece that features a durable stainless steel case with mineral glass to add more protection to its grand black dial. It features a brown leather strap to add more elegance to its overall look.

One feature it is so commendable is its top-notch Hamilton Calibre H-50 manual-winding movement that offers a power reserve of approximately 80 hours. Many previous owners have also testified how reliable and functional this Khaki Aviation, Ref. H76419531 to offer accurate timekeeping or fine watchmaking. Like other Hamilton watches, this version is also equipped with a water resistance of up to 100 meters depth. For only 799 USD, you can already own a refined and functional aviator’s watch.

In a Nutshell

If there is one factor to consider before buying a luxury watch aside from its durability, functionality, and appealing style, it is the price for sure. There are many watchmakers out there; each offers something unique and new out of its superb craftsmanship and innovative approaches in carving watches, but not all offer such budget-friendly and affordable prices without compromising both quality and style.

That is why if you’re now looking for a top-notch men’s timepiece that is also inexpensive at the same time, opting to buy from one of our listed 5 best watches under 1,000 USD is a great deal and decision you could ever make.

Why not take a little time to check our first pick on the list, the Longines Presence L4.790.2.11.2, available for only 900 USD!

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