Top Learning Apps for a New Language in 2021

Updated: June 8, 2021 by Exotic Irfan

Top Learning Apps – It is always a good time to learn a new skill or language, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re going to study for your examinations or want to have an extension of the languages you understand. So here are some of their mobile applications that you can use to learn new languages.

Top Learning Apps

4 Top Learning Apps in 2021

1) Rosetta Stone

The application has been the best among teaching languages for the past 2 and 1/2 decades. It lets you choose between 24 languages, and you can start learning right from the basics. You do this by learning and listening to the words, and then you repeat them as you match the photos with their phrases. It is easy to review progress with the pronunciation of the correct answer, grammar, and vocabulary. The application is best on subscription, and you can also try the free version then subscribe later if you like it.

2) WriteMyEssayToday

This application is a great helper for students that need to write essays for money. The application comes with a user-friendly interface also encouraging. If you are interested in expanding your skills in the new language, you can download the pro version of the application, which has got a chatbox and games and provides the users with an offline mode to help you learn while you are on the move.

3) Duolingo

The application comes with an intuitive and bright interface that lets you progress naturally within your set piece. You can begin with easy and straightforward phrases then graduate on to the more complex ones. You’ll Always Find help at every step of the way because the application will point out some mistakes and praise you for your efforts.

The application aims to address writing, reading, and pronunciation by challenging the user with many fun activities. It is so easy to pick up on the basics, and you will not even realize it. You can also revisit some of the lessons you have taken to assess some of your weaknesses.

4) Busuu

The application has almost 100 million users from all corners of the world, and this is because of its interactivity. The application has 12 languages, exercise reviews coming from various native speakers, a full assortment of courses, and accent training. That barrels are all the experiences you need with the application.

Users can start with a test for placement to begin at the best level that they can to move on smoothly. It also helps you because if you’re not a beginner completely, you can practice other skills in the language that you learned in the earlier parts. The application comes with grammar tips that can assist the user in correcting the vocabulary and grammar whenever they go wrong.

It also has offline access, enabling one to access the application and its content even when not connected to the internet. It also has official certificates given to users after they complete courses, which is only found if you upgrade to the premium version of the application. The application, therefore, gives you a wide array of learning activities but can assist you in getting to know new languages quickly.


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