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Are you looking for an e ila app download for Android, PC, iOS, and Windows?

But after searching the e ila app download APK on the internet or Google, you don’t found any type of result related to this.

Now, you come into our post if you so, the new comment to the right post because here in this post I am going to provide you the downloading link of e ila Anganwadi app download.

As we all know, app please an important role for all those workers who are working in the Anganwadi department.

The latest version of e ila app download for android, pc, iphone free
e Ila app download

Anganwadi department is also known as poshan ahar department and I will tell you briefly what is this in below.

So, guys if you want to know how to e ila gov in Anganwadi app download, then stay here and read the complete post in detail.

After reading this complete post, I am giving you a 100% guarantee that you will successfully download the app of e ila.

What is e ila App?

E ila application is a mobile app that is specially designed for Anganwadi workers.

E ila app download free of cost

The government of India takes a big step for poshan ahar and with the help of this, you can also see how much ahar the government sent and where to sent it.

Generally, eILA is an online module of thematic that contains complete information about nutrition along with early childhood education which is also known as ECE.

The government has decided to serve Incremental Learning Approach for all the Anganwadi workers under the ICDS scheme that stands for Integrated Child Development Services.

This Application tracks the activities of Anganwadi workers and it completes management for pregnant women, lactating Mothers, Adolescent Boys, and Girls. It basically enables the real-time monitoring and tracking of all Anganwadi Centres, Anganwadi workers.

In exotictechnews, I along with my other editors provide you the legal information.

With the help of the eILA app, you can log in yourself and after that, you will get the complete information about e-Learning modules on nutrition.

This app directly provides you the complete information about what is happening in the Anganwadi and in between the government.

If a government launches a new scheme for the Anganwadi, then you will also see that new scheme on the official portal of e ila as well as in the official app of e ila.

Do you know? There are 1399698 and 1282848 Anganwadi workers who are working in the state and UT of India.

So, if you are also one of them who wants to know where is an e-ila app download link, then the link is provided below.

App NameeILA
Size8.22 MB
Developer’s NameGovernment of India
Downloads10 Millions+
Last Updated08 September 2021

How to Download e ila App

Official Website of an e ila app
Image Credit: EILA Official Site

For Android users, here are some of the instructions for eila app download link and it can be downloaded by following these easy instructions.

This User Guide offers users essential information about using the e-ILA Mobile App and Web Learning Portal.

If you want to E-ila app ICDS download, then you don’t have to waste your MB for downloading such type of app.

So, if you are one of them who wants to know how to e-ila app download for android, then don’t worry guys, you simply go to the official website of eILA.

Then simply login yourself with the help of your email ID and password which you will get from the Anganwadi center.

And if you want eila_hindi_v1.1.0.apk download, then simply click on the link below, and then you will redirect to the official site.

You will redirect to another website and with the help of that website, you will simply log in yourself without facing any problem.

Lots of Anganwadi workers are also getting lots of help with the help of this app, so Anganwadi app download.


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E ila App Question Answer

If you want to know e-ila app Anganwadi question answer, I am providing you the downloading link of the app which will clear all your queries related to the eILA app.

So, download that app and get all the answers to those questions which you have in your mind.

Download App Now

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