7 Social Media Marketing Video Tips for Small Business 2021

Updated: August 13, 2021 by Exotic Irfan

Social media marketing video tips: A recent study revealed that 80% of internet users have confirmed watching a video to invest in a brand. Many customers also affirmed sharing the videos when found interesting.

Videos charm anyone, and they can become the catalyst for a successful business. Both large and small businesses can reap benefits through social media marketing via video.

It needs an entertaining article to capture the reader’s attention. The same is the case with videos. Not all of them are capable of engaging a customer. One needs to put effort into creating intriguing video content.

We all know that social media marketing is totally different from email marketing as well as various other PPC advertising network. So, for growing a small business and want to become a big brand in your market, then you must need social media video best practices.

Social media marketing video tips

Best Social Media Marketing Video Tips

Here are few tips for incorporating and making the videos flourish:

1) Invest well (Best Social Media Marketing Video tips)

Social media marketing video tips, practices

Marketing is one of the key pillars of a business. When filming for the success of your business, it is vital to do the job professionally. A junk video will never appease anyone and will disappear on the internet.

There are many angles to be captured while shooting. It might become difficult for someone who is not professional to obtain a beautiful image. You can always hire a professional for the job. This way, relieve yourself of the shooting and editing tasks present a stunning video in front of the viewers.

We have already written an article on the best video editing software for windows that is simply similar to the house party app. So, if you want to know that, then read those articles in detail.

2) Find the right story

Not all videos capture hearts, but the ones that do stay in memory forever. Finding the right script for your video will help to etch a memory in the viewer’s heart. We have already written an article about getting free likes on Instagram.

You can also check that article in which we have shown how to get hearts and likes on Instagram along with other social apps.

Today, it is all about striking the right cord. Share an emotional or motivational story. You can also start with a comic script. Introduce your products and services amidst the touching video, and the viewers are sure to invest.

Small businesses have the advantage of understanding the emotional drive of middle-class people. It is because most of them are also from the same background and can connect well with people. So, analyze your inner self and conceive the story that resonates with your emotions.

3) Create multiple videos

Find right way

The question is, can you serve the same video on all the platforms? Probably no, because viewers approach different social media platforms for varying purposes.

For example, let’s talk about YouTube and Facebook that, at present, are the giants in the industry. Most youtube views are searching for answers to their queries. The platform has the highest traffic for how-to, why-to kind of video.

It is not the same with Facebook as viewers are relaxing here by connecting with friends and taking a short break from work. It is light-hearted, funny, and emotional videos that find a huge audience here. So creating a different video for various platforms will help in escalating your marketing.

4) Focus on the quality

No one wants to see a blurry video. It hampers the image of your brand, and people sometimes may start neglecting future videos too. At any cost, do not compromise with the quality of a video. It should be stark clear for the audience to comprehend what is going on in the picture. If you miss this, the best of the stories will not be able to help you.

With the help of an online video maker, you can make an awesome video for marketing. At present most people shoot their videos with a green backdrop and then change it with desired content on the editing table. It helps in eradicating the chances of blurry backgrounds.

5) Make it short


It is a fast-paced world. Today, no one has the time to watch a long video. Since social media platforms are a place to chill and retrieve information in a short period, long videos are avoided by the viewers. It has become inevitable to provide more information in less time.

An average internet user has an attention span of 3 to 5 seconds. It is this time when the magic has to happen so that the viewer considers watching the entire video. Any good video editing tool like InVideo can help you in creating a lasting impact by tuning down the video.

6) Add in copy pull-outs (Best Social media marketing video tips)

Most people approach social media during work breaks or to relieve stress. They do not want to attract a lot of attention by watching videos with sound. Many internet users have admitted to watching the video on mute and how subtitles are extremely helpful at that time.

But, the latest trends on apps like InVideo are to add copy pull-outs. These are texts that appear on the video at frequent intervals. As opposed to subtitles, copy pull-outs are only a small summary of what is happening on the screen. These have to be added strategically and should have a connection with the audio message. It is one method to make the audience review the content as it creates interest in the audio.

7) Suit all the screens

The majority of viewers watch a video on a mobile screen. But, some love to view them on a laptop or PC. So, the content you publish should be visible both on small and large screens. Some tricks to do so are by using bold texts, adding close-up images of your product, etc., using a good Youtube editor. Apps like InVideo can help you create optimized videos suitable for all screens and help engage with maximum audiences.


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