8 Best Watch Brands for Women, Men in India 2020

Updated: April 1, 2020 by Exotic Irfan

Women, Mens Watch brands 2020: In terms of the most abundant cultural heritage, India is one of the countries that never miss someone’s list.

It’s vivid history and numerous jaw-dropping destination spots always give someone a reason to visit.

The country’s possessions like the Taj Mahal, unusual festivals, and its signature recipes make India more captivating.

But aside from these, there are also certain things which are popular in the country.

One of those is the top-performing best watch brands for men, women that may change your entire perspective when it comes to your everyday fashion.

Best watch brands

Best Watch Brands for Men, Women 2020

One of the most important features of men, women watch brands is, it improves our personality. No matter, he is a boy or she is a girl. Now, let us know the important question which you asked on Google.

What are the top 5 watch brands?

There are various top watch brands in India and choosing five main brands is a very difficult task. But I worked hard and now bring you the top 5 brands in India which are given below:

  • Omega
  • Hamilton
  • Casio
  • Citizen
  • Tissot

Should I buy Rolex or Omega?

If you want to buy omega or a Rolex, then I am suggesting you go for omega watches. It is because if you will get a good Rolex, then it’s okay for you but if you get the wrong Rolex. It will lose the money of yours. So, that’s the main reason why I am recommending you to buy Omega as compared to the Rolex.

Is there a better watch than Rolex?

According to the market share and stock, Rolex is one of the best watch brands but if you are looking for another brand. Then, yes, of course, there are also lots of brands which are much better than Rolex. These brands are a few ones and Petek Phillipe is one of them.

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Best watch brands

Top, Best Watch Brands in India

1) Casio


Based in Tokyo, Japan, Casio is a top leading watch brand in the world. With its black dials and silver band.

Casio is one of the best picks in India. Because of its stunning features, the company expanded its success to various businesses.

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2) Omega (Best Watch Brands)

Omega best watch brands

The perfect combination of elegant style and chic designs. Omega became the pioneer of boy, girls watch brands in the entire world.

With its unique features and stunning craftsmanship, falling in love with the brand with the luxury is highly possible.

The brand is NASA’s choice for being the first-ever watch on the Moon in 1969.

One of the best picks of the season is its Constellation Automatic Blue Dial Women’s Watch that can be defined as a perfect resemblance of feminine beauty and elegance.

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3) Tissot


When it comes to classic watch brands, and the most convenient to wear during extreme sports, Tissot is a must-have.

It is also perfect for anyone who’s looking for a classic and modern fashion theme.

The collection of these timepieces boasts itself for exquisite features, style, and designs.

The brand is also known for its digital watch collection, such as Touch Collection T-Touch Expert Titanium Quartz and Digital Black Dial, that can effectively work your everyday errands and events.

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4) Hamilton (Best Watch Brands)

Hamilton best watch brands

When it comes to quality and accuracy, the best selection for both men and women’s watches goes to the Hamilton brand.

The company was founded in Pennsylvania and continues to influence the world in terms of fashion.

The brand’s manufacturer only started with pocket watches, but because of the increasing demand of the timepiece.

Its popularity grows by producing numerous wristwatches such as the Hamilton Khaki Aviation, which is a perfect piece for adventure.

5) IWC (International Watch Company)


International Watch Company will become your fashion best friend when you know how stunning the brand is.

The brand follows a classic style, yet it is one of the most affordable brands you can find in the market.

With its leather and metallic straps, IWC will surely match your everyday attire.

It brings you the ideal fashion. No questions why it became one of the renowned brands in the whole country of India.

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6) Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet became an obsession to some due to its chronographs and stylish designs.

The brand is one of the leading companies in the world, giving users a new perspective of fashion.

With the brand’s apparel, high-class deal, and tenacious wristwatch, Audemars Piguet became one of the most favorite brands in India.

It’s Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph gives you the ideal sporty look.

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7) Panerai (Best Watch Brands)

Panerai best watch brands

From its stylish sportswear attire, the brand extends its supremacy by introducing watches for all fitness enthusiasts.

The manufacturer is highly regarded as one of the leading timepiece producers in the world.

The brand boasts its sporty design and digital features of watches like its renowned Luminor Yachts Challenge Automatic Black Dial, making it a perfect pair for your daily fitness.

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8) Citizen


To perfectly feel the modern and western appeal, Citizen watches should be part of your fashion collection.

It is initially made to satisfy every woman’s needs in terms of young and stylish fashion.

Citizen’s collection of luxuries like a minimalistic Cross Sea XC Titania Line Happy Flight is among those most-favorite watches of all time.

The brand also introduces its analog watches that will surely hook every woman’s eyes.

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Any top-performing company and best watch brands have its reasons and factors why it became popular in a particular country.

Perhaps, it’s their excellent quality products, exquisite styles, or stunning features.

But, one thing is for sure: their popularity starts with satisfying the fashion needs of the customers. 

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