7 Best Thermometer App for iPhone, Android 2022 (Trend)

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Best Thermometer App 2021, 2022: Do you know guys? You can measure your body temperature with the help of various thermometer apps. In the recent article, I have told you about the coronavirus app, and I also got a good response to that article.

Almost every human being wants to live a truly happy and healthy life. If he/she faced any fever, then he/she has to go to the hospital for a checkup.

It will waste lots of time but I am not saying, you don’t have to go to the hospital. I want to say that if you know about your body temperature.

Then it will be very easy for you to test your fever at home with the help of a thermometer app for fever. If you found less temperature, then it will help you to save your time for going to the hospital.

So, if you are looking for a thermometer app indoor, then you come to the right article. Because here in this article, I will tell you the complete information about this app.

Read the complete article about the best thermometer apps for android in detail.

Thermometer app

Best Thermometer App for iPhone, Android

I know there are lots of apps available on your Android or iPhone. All are awesome and have different work. You can also have some of the games like a snake game, a dinosaur game, no internet game, etc.

All those apps have different work and if you have a thermometer app for Android or an iPhone, then it will also help you to check your fever temperature.

According to my, every human being will be healthy, if they will live a healthy life. They have to take care of themselves. From time to time, they have to check their sugar level, blood pressure, etc.

If you don’t like to go outside (clinic or in the hospital), then don’t worry guys. You have to measure all such things with the help of Apps. But if you want to measure your body’s temperature, then it’s possible with the help of a thermometer app body.

This app will not only help you to measure your body’s temperature but also help to measure your room’s temperature, weather temperature, etc.

But before knowing all those apps, let us first discuss those questions which you are asking us in Google.

Thermometer app for fever

Q. Can a smartphone be used as a thermometer?

Ans. Yes of course, as we all know, technology plays an important role in our life. In your smartphone, when it goes heat, then how it tells us, that much % of heat occurs in your smartphone. That means it has a temperature sensor. So, smartphones, tablets, and even PC, all are used as a thermometer.

Q. Is there an app for a thermometer?

Ans. On the Google play store and an iPhone app store, there are tons of thermometer apps available. If you will choose the right app according to their ratings and reviews, then you will get a perfect thermometer app for your smartphone.

Q. Can I measure room temperature with my phone?

Ans. You can measure all types of temperatures like room temperature, weather temperature, humidity, etc. with the help of the best thermometer app. But this should be only possible, if you have a genuine app like a hater app, tutu app, etc.

Q. Is there a room thermometer app for iPhone?

Ans. As I have already told you, on an iPhone app store, there are tons of thermometer apps are available. The list of all these apps is given below.

Thermometer app for iPhone

Best Thermometer App for Android, iPhone 2021, 2022

1) Thermometer++

This app is the most popular app and is known as the best indoor thermometer app for iPhone with having 10 million-plus downloads on the Google play store and an iPhone app store. If you want to measure the temperature of your room, pressure, etc.

The thermometer++ app is the best option for you. By using this app, you can switch your measurement of degrees celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa.


  • #2 on Trending
  • Best room temperature app
  • Shows outdoor temperature also
  • Very Fast
  • 100% Accurate
  • 4.5 Ratings
  • Cool graphics
  • A fast and accurate outdoor thermometer app
  • It shows the current outdoor temperature, humidity, and pressure based on your location
  • It gets weather data from the nearby weather stations
  • Switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees

2) Thermometer by Mobital

Thermometer by mobital

This app is specifically designed to measure indoor temperature very fast and it also shows us 100% fast results. It also uses some sensors to measure temperature.

If you want to get 100% genuine results, then you have to leave your smartphone for about 10-15 minutes. It is because if you use your smartphone while measuring the temperature.

Then your smartphone will also get heat and that’s why you will not measure an exact result. Now lets us know the features of this app.


  • Also, provide weather forecast
  • Shows RTS battery
  • Calibration option
  • Measure temperature in C and F
  • Also, measure fast indoor temperature
  • Measure outdoor temperature
  • Only 2 MB app
  • 1 million+ download

3) Digital Thermometer For Room Temperature

Ultra outside temperature
Image credits to app Annie

It is a new fresh app with having 1k+ downloads but when I see it’s reviewed. All users are 100% satisfied with this app. It is also known as the digital thermometer goal app.

If you want to measure the exact temperature, then this app is also the best option for you. Now, let’s know the best features of this ultra-accurate temperature.


  • Digital Thermometer
  • Current temperature outside
  • Shows temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Awesome reviews
  • Great graphics
  • Easy to use

4) AI Thermometer

AI thermometer

It is a machine learning app that measures water temperature and is also one of the best thermometer Android app fever. If you want to measure the water temperature as well as room temperature.

Then, this app is only for you guys. On the Google play store and an iPhone app store, it is awarded as the best temperature measure app like the sugar daddy app.


  • Having machine learning technology
  • Good interface
  • 80% confidence interval
  • Great reviews
  • Easy to use
  • Superb interface
  • Give instant results

5) Digital Thermometer

It is also the best app with has a great response from its users. Every day, this app is growing and getting lots of good responses.

I didn’t use this app but I am recommending you the app after seeing its ratings and reviews. This app is having the best tool known as a temperature sensor.


  • Used as both inside and outside room temperature
  • Having a geolocated weather station
  • Results can be shown in Celsius, Fahrenheit, and Kelvin
  • Free digital thermometer
  • Great Ratings and reviews
  • A very simple app like a translator app
  • Work as an online app

6) Temperature Today – Weather Forecast & Thermometer

Thermometer app temperature

This is an app that provides you information about the temperature according to your location. If you want to know the temperature in other cities, states, countries, etc.

Then, this app provides you with all the information about temperature. I am continuously using this app for the last 7 months and I really like this app.

When you want to go to another city, state, country, then this app will help you to see the complete information about that weather.

Guys, if you want to know the best pension calculator app, then I have also written an article on that. So, you have to check that article.


  • Quickly display the temperature
  • Shows current weather temperature
  • Also shows a wind compass
  • Shows complete information about wind direction, wind speed, etc.
  • You can also adjust the background of this app
  • Supports Google Map
  • File Sharing app
  • Supports 6 language

7) Room Temperature Checker – Thermometer


If you want to measure the room temperature of your room but looking for a genuine app. Then this indoor temperature app will be the best choice for you.

On this app, you only have to ON your location and then, with the help of an ambient temperature sensor. You will get an accurate result of the temperature of your room.

This app will help especially those who take care of their family, mother, father, son, daughter, wife, etc. so, if you are looking for a genuine app, then this app is the best option for you.


  • Great app
  • Easy navigation keys
  • Superb interface
  • Best indoor temperature app
  • Having great reviews and ratings
  • Advance features

Final words

So, friends, I told you everything about the thermometer app or iPhone temperature app. You can also put your favorite app in the comment section, and if you are facing any problems.

Then, you can ask your query as soon as possible in the comment section. Also share this article on your social media.

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