Advertising in the 1920s: Full History with favorite Techniques

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Advertising in the 1920s: Do you want to know the advertising techniques in the 1920s along with their complete history? Then you come into the right article from where you will get complete information about the history of advertisement. So, guys if you want to know this in detail then stay here in this article and read everything.

I am giving you a 100% guarantee that, after reading this article, you will get the complete information. Here, I will also tell you the techniques which they used in 1920 for advertising. So guys, don’t waste any more time let us know the complete information about the advertising of 1920.

Here are some of the best advertising techniques in the 1920s
Advertising Techniques in the 1920s

History of Advertising in the 1920s

Before starting the history of 1920 let us first take a quick review of what is advertising?

Advertising is that procedure or marketing from which we can promote our business/products to peoples all over the world. With the help of advertising, you can increase the lead of your business as well as the product. You can also make a perfect brand for your business and everyone knows about that.

The pioneers of the marketing approach to management in the 1920s and 1930s discovered how important it was to differentiate their products from the competition.

In 1920, there were lots of techniques used to promote their business as well as products. But do you know? When was the first advertising started? If not then don’t worry.

The first advertising should be performed in the United States of America (US) and 1880. I don’t know the exact name of that company but after the advertising, they got awesome success in their business. When other big companies know about marketing and advertising, they also do the same procedure. And after that, they also got lots of benefits from the advertising.

Then they decided that don’t invest lots of money in the business, just invest a little bit amount of money in the advertising. They have concluded that advertising is the best thing to do in business and to promote a product. Now, let us know the various advertising techniques which they used in 1920.

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Advertising Techniques used in 1920

Nowadays, when you want to promote your business as well as your product. Then at that time, you will see lots of advertising networks like PPC advertising networks, Google AdWords, etc. There are also lots of advertising networks which are so cheap and you can promote your business and product there.

You can also promote your business and product on social app/social media like Instagram advertising, Facebook advertising, YouTube advertising, etc. All these platforms are an awesome platform for advertising. There is also a boss of advertising which is known as Google AdWords.

In Google AdWords, you can promote your business as products to a billion peoples. Because Google is all over the world and almost everyone uses Google. But as compared to 1920, all these networks were not present. Now, here I am going to tell you the various techniques which they used at that time.

Advertising in the 1920s

1) Radio advertising


At that time, radio advertising plays an important role to promote products and business. This is also working nowadays as well. But in 1920, everyone likes to listen and that’s why lots of people promote their business and products there.

It is a mass, effective, and relatively advertising media that allows an advertiser to cover large segments during the daytime. Let us conclude this with the example of Phillips products. Phillips company plaid lots of cash to promote their radios as well as other products. When peoples were listening to the radio then at the time, that radio channel gives an advertisement for Philips company.

That’s the reason, Phillips has become the most trustable brand in electronic products. Nowadays, it is still the most trustable brand. All these things come under the 1920s radio advertisements.

2) Time Magazine Advertisers

Time magazine

We all know that you have already heard the name of TIME magazine. Before radio, the most popular advertising in the 1920s was the time magazine advertisers. At the time lots of people loved to read magazines. Hence as a result of this, this was the most popular way to promote business and products.

It is also still available nowadays but the demand is very low as compared to 1920. Nowadays, if peoples like to know anything then they just ON the Internet and search there. They got everything and is in detail. Time magazine is not over right now but the demand is very low. In 1920, this was the most readable magazine in the world. That was the reason, it was so popular to promote business and products.

3) Great Depression Newspaper Ads


Newspaper ads still available nowadays but in 1920, it was also available. Can I tell you one thing? You just go and open the newspaper and in the newspaper, you will see lots of news articles. But here, you will also see lots of advertisements there. This is the technique to promote the business and product.

In 1920, the same technique was executed to promote the business as well as the products. In the newspaper, you have to pay a lesser amount as compared to others to promote the business and products. In 1920, they pay only 30 cents to promote any business or products in the newspaper.

4) Industrial Revolution Advertising

Let us suppose that, in your area, there is a big and most popular industry. And in that industry, when you advertise something then you will get success from there. Because this is the most popular branded industry and if they say anything to their customers.

Customer trust in their without blinking their eyes. This is the same technique that was followed by 1920s peoples as well as a businessman. For example, they made an awesome car and after that, they just promote that car in that industry.

Then lots of customers come to buy that car, that is why they like to advertise in an industrial revolution. I hope, you guys got an idea about industrial revolution advertising. So, if you are looking for 1920s advertising posters, then you get a complete idea about it.

5) Street Poster Advertising

Street poster advertising is still available nowadays. On-Street poster advertising, lots of advertisement should be shown on the board. And that board should be kept on the street. In 1920, the same procedure should be followed to promote the products as well as business.

You can also see live examples when you go to the market. You will see lots of product’s posters in the street or the market or anywhere. This is a live example of street poster advertising and in 1920, the same thing should be performed by them.

6) Women’s advertising in the 1920s

Women advertising in the 1920s
Credit: Flicker

This type of advertising was also the most popular advertisement in the 1920s. I have shown an example of such type of advertisement in the above image. This image shows that there is an advertisement for Lipton tea in which a woman has a cup of tea. That’s the main reason why my brands got so much popularity.

The image of women in advertising are totally divorced from reality but still common in advertising and many concerning roles of men and women in society.

Q. Which type of advertising became popular by the 1920s?

Ans. Various types of advertising were popular in the 1920s but if you want to know only one, then it was a radio advertisement.

Q. When was advertising first used?

Ans. The concept of advertisement comes in the 16th century and 17th century but it was completely held in the year 1900.

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