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Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing (Pros and Limitations)

Do you want to know the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing along with the pros/limitations of Cloud Computing.

Then you are into the right place because here in this article, I’ll clear all your doubts about cloud computing.

Because here in this article, I will provide you the complete information of advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing.

Advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing

What are the advantages of cloud computing | Benefits of cloud computing

If you’ll use the cloud computing then you will see various advantages of cloud computing/benefits of cloud computing.

So guys, if you want to know the advantages of cloud computing and the pros of cloud computing.

Then there are tons of the benefits of cloud computing and here we will tell you the top 5.

1) Cost should be less

The cost of the cloud computing is lesser as compared to the Internet and you’ll get lots of benefits.

You just have to pay only those amount of money which comes under your subscription plan not much more.

2) 24*7 Customer support

If you will face any types of problems according to the cloud computing then you will get good customer support.

After that, you will remove such types of problems without any problem or doing other hard work or thing.

3) Awesome Security

Data plays an important role in every field and if you’ll lose data then it may cause a major issue.

But you know guys, in the cloud computing you will not lose your data because the security is awesome.

4) Offers Collaboration service

If you want to work with the group of people’s/pairs of people’s then with the help of cloud computing.

You can share any types of your information or work with others and also work with the group of people’s.

5) Easy to use

If you will use cloud computing then it’s an easy to use and here you will not see any trouble.

Advantages of cloud computing

Disadvantages of cloud computing | Limitations of cloud computing

There are various advantages of cloud computing and here you will also see some of the disadvantages of cloud computing.

And here we will also tell you, the top most disadvantages of cloud computing and limitations of cloud computing.

1) Downtime

One of the top most disadvantages of cloud computing is the downtime, you will see face this at any time.

This is the major drawbacks of cloud computing but you can solve this when you will contact the customer.

2) Attacker attacks

Sometimes, the attackers attacks and maybe it’ll harm your data but this comes in a rare case.

3) Network connectivity

When there’s a cloudy, you’ll also face the network error which is a rare case but most of the time.

Cloud computing works very well and has not lots of disadvantages of cloud computing.

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Final Words

So, guys, I told you the complete details of of advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing.

If you have any suggestion or query for me then ask me directly in the comment section and also share this article with your friends.

Thank you so much guys.

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