Why PUBG is the Most Popular Games Around?

PUBG is one of the most popular games around. It’s usually at the top of every video game news. The game has spread itself over multiple platforms ranging from Console to Mobile phones.

Why PUBG is the Most Popular Games Around


The internet is filled with PUBG News with Vikendi, the latest map, introduced into the game. The snow map is playable and is currently in beta phase. There is no doubt is that the PUBG Corp is rolling the ‘PUBG Updates‘ super fast since the game is getting even more popular. 100 people land on a deserted Island.

The main objective is to be the last remaining member(or team) which will earn you a chicken dinner. If you haven’t tried the game and yet are thinking to dwell right into the action here are some basics you need to know-

PUBG landing

You can land according to your preference. If you like to play safe you can land in the outskirts of a place which is less prioritized. You will get less loot but you will be safe and can go deep into the game.

If you are confident in your skills you can dive right into the action by going to big cities. These usually have the best loot and you donโ€™t have to search long for the optimal loot. However, expect a lot of players to come here.

PUBG loot

It as an important aspect of the game where you pick the loot according to your preference. You have tons of option in every category. You can customize every weapon according to your playstyle.

Managing loot and using resources efficiently is a major part of the game. Make sure you use resources wisely so that you don’t run out of it in clutch situations.

Remember that there are resources for everything. From meds to ammo to armor and stuff. It’s important to keep looking for the best loot. The better loot you have the better you will do.


Use your looted weapons to take down enemy players. Each weapon has specific damage and every weapon provides something different. There are several strategies to proceed in the combat.

You get a good grasp of these strategies when you give more time to the game.

Practice is the main key to success. The maps might seem unfamiliar and scary at the beginning but with time and more practice you will enjoy the ride.

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