12 Ways To Get Free Likes On Instagram (For November)

12 Ways To Get Free Likes On Instagram

| Free Instagram Likes

You want your Post Get Free Likes On Instagram or to have as many likes as possible and comments too.
But the truth is that It isn’t always that easy though.
Don’t get depressed Caused you are not getting Free Instagram Likes to your post because you are not the only one who is using Instagram only.


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Get Free Likes on Instagram | Free Instagram Likes

Well, I have just a great and Right Article For You i,e 12 Ways To Get Free Likes On Instagram (For October) or Free Instagram Likes and with the help of this Article, you will easily Get Free Likes On Instagram or Free Instagram Likes.
So If you want to Get Free Likes On Instagram or Free Instagram Likes. Then Continue Reading On…


 1) Have a Unique Hook 


10 Ways To Get Free Likes On Instagram (For July)
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In Instagram, Being Unique is the key to success.


Have a Unique Style Or Hook of your Own which will differentiate you from Others.

Use strong, solid colors.

You wanna get the visitors attention as soon as they land on your account
So bright colors do the job for that.


Also, Have your Own Color or Theme of your Post to have a matching and Consistent Theme.

We will cover about Theme in the later Part
The way you write your caption, tags, etc
Make it you and be a brand for it.


 2) Include Faces

Faces are the first place we look when meeting someone new. The Secret to Get Free Likes On Instagram or Free Instagram Likes is the use of pictures with faces.
Include faces in your photos. People normally like to engage and follow real people. And the key to proving that you are a real person is by showing your faces

Just make sure to use real people, not stock images.


 3) Use Hashtags 



Hashtags are Very important In Instagram


Do some hashtag research


Some Top Instagram Hashtags
  • #love.
  • #instagood.
  • #me.
  • #cute.
  • #tbt.
  • #photooftheday.
  • #instamood.
  • #iphonesia.


Or you can create your own branded hashtags.


There are a number of Hashtags for every niche ranging from fashion to Food, Places, Etc.


Make sure you research and use the top trending Hashtags.
In that way, you can easily Get Free Likes On Instagram or Free Instagram Likes.

4) Create Content your Audience Will Love



Creating great posts that are going to connect with your audience is the most Important Part.


Without this part, Your BIO, Profile Pic, etc are not gonna work.
This is the most Important Part to Get Free Likes On Instagram or Free Instagram Likes.
Make sure you post only High-quality visual photos with the perfect caption for maximum Free Instagram Likes.


Use professional lights and cameras for the best.

5) Create a Call to Action

Ask questions in your captions to encourage people to respond.


Give your users a clear call to action.


Some Examples of Clear Calls To Action are “tag your friends who are like this,” or “double tap if you agree.”


For example, if you want your users to go to a website, give them a good and persuasive reason to Get Free Likes On Instagram or Free Instagram Likes.


Another Example is to post a photo which has happened to you and  add the caption as ‘Like if this has happened to you.”
Hook them with a very relatable question that they don’t wanna pass.

6) Cross Promote

This is another way to Get Free Likes On Instagram or Free Instagram Likes to your Account.
Share your Instagram posts on your Twitter and Facebook profiles at a minimum.


Leverage the platform by using Influencers.


You can also mention your Instagram account in email headings, website, Letterheads, Etc.
Another way to do cross-promote is with your friends, colleagues, and families.
Follow and like each other post. You can even join Instagram Pods or engagement groups.

7) Instagram Theme



You have to maintain a theme of your own Or a style of your Account to stand out. 


Don’t post in random Order and Unprofessional way and Maintain a theme and have a schedule for the post to fit your theme.


Some Examples of Insta Themes are-


1. White border theme

2. Rectangle photos theme
3. Same filter and tint
4. White background theme


8) Make Sure, Your Profile PIC looks Great



Don’t forget about your having an awesome profile picture too.


Most people are too busy about having their post perfect that they almost forgot and neglect about their Profile Picture. So Don’t be that type of person.

Create an eye-catching Profile Picture.
Since Instagram is a very Visual Site and people are very easy to form their opinion on whether check out your stuff or leave in a matter of seconds.
So Hook them with a nice Profile pic and Make sure to have only eye-catching Images.

9) Post Regularly

How often should you post to Instagram?
You’ve probably noticed that 3-day-old posts appearing on your feed and new likes popping up on photos you posted days ago.


So make sure you post consistently and frequently.


And the best frequency to post on Instagram will depend on you and your followers.

Schedule Instagram Posts for When Your Audience Is Most Active.


 11) Connect With your Influencer


This Strategy works so well if you did it right. Its pretty, you just Connect with an influencer and ask them to give you a shout out.
Get a photo with them and post on both yours and their profiles.

11) Tools


You can use tools to effectively simulate your company’s presence on social media and grow your following.


Some of the Instagram tools that successful brands and influencers are using
4)Canva. …

12) Niche


Make sure you stick to one particular niche.
For example, if you are in the fashion niche, You are posting relevant to your niche. In that way you can dominate one niche and be at the top instead of Generalising and be at the bottom.
You can get more Brand deals related to your Industry for that particular reason.

The audience will be much more engaging with your content since they too are interested in the Content you produce.

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So, friends, these are the 12 Ways To Get Free Likes On Instagram or Free Instagram Likes.
There are many apps and software you can use to grow your Account. The hard part here is to get your few first hundreds or thousands of followers. After you hit that mark you gradually grow with that follower you have.
The beginning is always the hardest. Stick with the methods mentioned above and you will grow over in time and if you go any types of query then just put your query on the Comment section and also if you have any suggestions then do Comments because Comment box is only for you guys. And Also Share this Article with your friends and Family.

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