How to Apply for Passport | Online Passport Apply

How to Apply for Passport | Online Passport Application | Passport Renewal

Online Passport Apply for a Passport is not so difficult thing and not so easy thing. If you want to go Abroad, I mean if you want to go to Another Country from your Country, then Passport is very necessary for you. But there are two methods for “How to Apply for Passport or Online Passport Apply“. The first method is ” Online Passport Apply ” and the second method is ” Expedited Passport or Offline Passport Apply “.

And if you want to know How to Apply for Passport or Online Passport Apply then you are is in a right place because here in this article, I will tell you the finest way of How to Apply for Passport or Online Passport Apply and Passport Renewal. So friends, don’t waste any more time, let us get started.

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How to Apply for Passport | Online Passport Apply
How to Apply for Passport


US Passport Application form

If you are a US person and you want to go for a trip or any other personal or other important work to other Country then Online Passport Apply is so important for you just like Water is helpful for a living.

Here, I am going to provide you How to Apply for Passport or Online Passport Apply step by step information.

Things you need before Apply for a Passport

 – US Passport Application form
– Proof of US citizenship
– Proof of your Identity
– Two Current Photographs
Passport Fees

Step 1)

First of all, you have to download the US Passport Application form from here “CLICK HERE

After that take a Print of US Passport Application form. You can also take a US Passport Application form from the Passport Application Post Office.

Step 2)

After taking the Print of US Passport Application form, read it and Fill this US Passport Application form.

Step 3)

Now Attach this US Passport Application form with one of the following documents.

– Certified US Birth Certificates
– Certificate of Citizenship
– Naturalization Certificate
– Driver License
– Government ID
– Military ID

Step 4)

Paste your Two Passport Size Photos on US Passport Application form. 

Step 5)

Pay your US Passport Application form Fee and after that Grab your Passport within 2 weeks to 2 months.

So US peoples, this is for you guys.

Passport Renewal

If you want to know, “How to Renew Passport” then stay in this Article.

Step 1)

If you want to Renew Passport then you don’t have to need to go to the Post Office for Review your Passport. You just directly go to the State Department by yourself along with your documents.

If you have an Adult Passport which is Valid for 10 years, then you may Renew Passport by Mail.

But if you have a Minor Passport, then you may not Renew Passport by Mail.

Step 2)

You may Renew Passport by Mail if you still have your Recent Passport. That recent Passport must have following same procedures

– Name
– That Passport issued within the last 15 years
– Submit

Step 3)

Fill out the Form on the State Department Website and take a Print of this Form and sign that form.

Step 4)

Pay your Renewal Passport Fee and after that Grab your Passport within 2 weeks to 2 months.

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Final Words

Hence, in this article, I told you “How to Apply for Passport or Online Passport Apply and Passport Renewal”  and if you have any question about this, then put your question in comment section.

I will reply to your comment and thank you so much for reading this Post and also share this Post or Article with your friends and family. Must Follow us on your social networks.


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