What is Instamojo? | How we use Instamojo? | How we create an Account on Instamojo

Instamojo Payment Gateway: 

Hi friends, Do you know, what is Instamojo? If your answer is no then you are is in a right place. Today we will discuss about a new internet technology and how we create an account on Instamojo and how it is helpful to earn money through Internet.
We all know that, there are lots of Payment Gateway like Paypal, Paytm and with the use of these products or services, we can give online payment but today we will discuss about the Payment Collection System and with the help of this, you can get your payment from others.

But first of all let us know what is Instamojo? and how we use it after that we will discuss about how to create an account on Instamojo?

What is Instamojo? 

One of the best part of Instamojo is that, it is an Indian based company which carried the Payment Collection of online products. Actually Instamojo is the Digital Payment System or Store and with the use of this Instamojo, we can sell our products on online and got an online income.
The working of Instamojo is just similar to the Paypal Payment Gateway but the main difference is that Paypal Payment Gateway is an International Payment Gateway but Instamojo is a new company and famous only in India right now. Lots of big Companies, Bloggers like Harsh Agarwal, Digital Marketer uses Instamojo to sell books, products etc. in online.

Currently Instamojo is looking normal but you know friends it is so useful. With the help of this you can create your own online e-Commerce Store.

Let us know how to create an online store. If you want to open an online store on instamojo you just follow 3 steps:
1) You have an email address to create an account
2) Names setup on your store's cover
3) After that your store is ready

How to create an account on Instamojo? 

On instamojo, you will fill personal or business level details. Here you will ask for an email id, phone number, and PAN card so with all of these you will create your account on Instamojo.
First of all you go to instamojo official website and open it. If you want to go an Instamojo official website click here Exotic Irfan

When the site is open, you will see the two options
1) Merchant
2) buyers

If you want to sell the product then we choose merchant option and after that fill your email address and password.

After that add your mobile number and wait for OTP when the OTP verification is over you will ask for username. Add the username and check the availability if your username is available then click on next detail. After that you will add your pan card number, name and address and then click on yes or no option and click on next detail.
After that fill your bank details like Bank Account Number, IFSC code and Account Holder Name. When you feel all these details you have you will successfully create an account on instamojo and then you go to dashboard.

Uses of Instamojo Account: 

If we want to give an online payment or pay online payment then we just think in our mind that what is the actual transaction charges it will take from us, is this method is secure or not etc.

But Instamojo's initial step is absolutely free and we do not give any charge or pay anything to maintain our account or pay any charge.

- when we use credit and debit card net banking or UTI services then we just Give only 2% + 3 rupees for any sale

- with the help of instamojo app we can use affiliate program, messages like services

- in this we can upload any products on our store and sell on it on Instamojo

How we sell Product and Services on Instamojo? 

I don't think so India has other best Payment Gateway System like Instamojo. Here we have lots of features to sell our products and services very easily.

If we have lots of physical and digital products then we simply uploads it in our online store and sell these products with our own cost. If you want to sell the products on Instamojo, you just login with your email id and go to Instamojo's dashboard and here you will see two options:
1) Payments link
2) Product and Store

If we want to collect payment from other then we click on payment link and set the payment details, after that instamojo will give us a link and share this link with your that person from where you want to collect your payment.
If you want to sell a book, physical product or Digital product on Instamojo then you just click on product and store and here you will get a list and add a title of your product, product's description and upload its image. After that set the price of your product and sell it.

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So friends in this article I told you what is Instamojo? How we use Instamojo? How we create an account on Instamojo? But if you got any problem or if you have any query then put your question in comment section we will reply as soon as possible and also share this article with your friends and family and also follow us on your social networks.

Thank you guys

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