Top 10 Tips for how to become a successful blogger

How to become a successful blogger 

Hi friends, Are you looking for how to become a successful blogger then you are is in the right place. If you are a New Blogger and you want to make your blog Successful, here in this Article, I will tell you the Top 10 Most Powerful Tips to Become the Successful Blogger and make your blog Successful.

Lots of people start Blogging but due to the lack of traffic they stop Blogging and they thought that Blogging is the hard thing. I totally agree with this I,e Blogging is the Hard thing but not impossible. You know, there is nothing impossible in this world.

If you want to become a Successful Blogger then it takes time guys and there is no shortcut then Hard work. Lots of People asked me, “Irfan how much time it will take to become the Successful Blogger and my answer with Smiley is it depends on yourself.

How to Become a Successful Blogger
How to Become a Successful Blogger

But here I am going to tell you the how to become a successful blogger and if you will follow these Top 10 Tips for how to become a successful blogger then I am damn sure you will get success from your blog. So friends don’t waste any more time, let us get started.


Top 10 Tips for how to become a successful blogger

Following are the Top 10 Most Powerful Tips to Become the Successful Blogger are shown below:-

1) Write Unique and Clean Content 

If you write Unique and Clean Content then you are going into the path of Success and one day, you and your blog will be Successful but if you are not writing a Unique and Clean Content then my friend you are is in a wrong path.

If you will write Unique and Clean Content then users like your content and they want to learn more and as a result of this, you will increase the traffic on your blog or website. Google also likes unique and Clean Content. So Write Unique and Clean Content on your blog or website.


2) Use “I” and “You” in your Blog’s Content

Yeah, you here right, if you will use “I” and “You” in your Content then Google likes this and if Google like this, your posts will come on the first page of Google. A discovery shows that, if someone uses “I” and “You” on his/her blog, Google shows this result 75% in front who do not use these words.

So friends if you wanna Success then use “I” and “You” in your Content.

3) Use Pictures

Friends pictures play a vital role in our Blog or Websites but if you are using lots of pictures and not content then it’s not right. Google does not like this but if you are using 20% of pictures as compared to 80% of Content then its okay. You are doing good but do not use lots of pictures.

So friends if you wanna Success then Use Pictures in your Content and if you want to download the pictures for your blog then Read the Article whose link is given below:

Royalty free images free of charge | Free stock images for commercial use (Best 5 Websites to Download)

Here I told you how you will download the images for your blog or website without any Copyright Claim and it’s absolutely free.

4) Use Subheading 

Use Subheading on your blog or websites because, with the help of this, you will get a better rank on Google. You know friends, so many Big Bloggers like Harsh Aggarwal, Neil Patel etc. they use Subheading on their Blog or Website and as a result of this, Now they are the Most Popular Bloggers in all over the World.

So friends, Use Subheading in your Blog or Website’s Content.

5) Use 5-6 lines in Paragraph 

Friends, use 5-6 lines in each paragraph not more than 6 lines. Remember this Friends, If you are using 5-6 lines in one paragraph, your Content will display perfectly and you look like a professional Blogger but if you will write above 6 lines in one paragraph then your readers feels boring and as a result of this, it will be the bad impressions for your Blog or Website.

So friends use 5-6 lines in a paragraph.


6) Give every Comment’s Reply 

If someone comments on your blog then give a reply to his comments because if you will do this, you will create a perfect bonding with your readers and it will definitely help you. And if you will not reply his/her Comments then the readers will think that you have an Arrogance so don’t do this, interact with your readers.

7) Post Regularly 

Discipline plays an important role in every branch either in office or others organizations. If you are a regular person then you will get Success in one day and if you are not a regular then you will not get anything.

So In Blog or Website, if you are posting regularly then it will definitely help to you. So friends, always post regularly.

8) Write long Content 

Friends always write long contents about 800-2000 words. If you will do this, the watch time of your posts will increase and as a result of this, you will get a better Rank on Google.

So In Blog or Website, always write long Content.

9) Social Sharing 

Social Sharing also plays an important role to become the successful Blogger because Social media is the best platform to share anything and if you will share your articles on social networks then it will increase an engagement and generate an organic traffic. So friends, share your articles on Social media.

10) Write Conclusion 

In every article, write the conclusion what you conclude on an article or what was the main thing you wrote on Article.

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Hence friends, in this article, I told you the Top 10 Tips for how to become a successful blogger but if you have any query about this, then put your question in comment section. I will reply to your comment as soon as possible and thanks for reading this and also share this with your friends and family. Must Follow us on your social networks.


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