DoubleClick for Publishers (dfp)? | How we increase our income in websites

Hi friends, today's topic is for Bloggers like us. In this article,we will discuss about those peoples who uses Google Adsense Network. So what is DoubleClick for Publishers? How we increase our income from blogger or website.

It is not an Internet Tricks or Adsense Revenue tricks, this is the product of Google and with the help of this product. We will increase our income which comes from our website or blogger. But when we use this product we will take a quick review and all of its features and how we implement this product in our blog or website.

What is DoubleClick for Publishers?

DoubleClick For Publishers is also known as dfp. It is an Ad delivering tool which is based on SAS(Statistical Analysis System) Platform and it surfs ads on Mobile Devices, Website and Game.
DoubleClick for Publishers is a Google Service and this service is for all Internet Influencers.

Those Bloggers like us who carried Online Income from Google Adsense, Media.Net, Infolink etc. This DoubleClick For Publishers service for all of and with the help of this, it can Boost our CPC and double our income.

Let us talk about how DoubleClick For Publishers works and what are the different features and which setting we will do and how to optimize this.
DoubleClick for Publishers (dfp)? | How we increse our income in websites
DoubleClick for Publishers  

DoubleClick For Publishers Features:


1) Central Place: In DoubleClick For Publishers, we will analyse all the traffic from only one page and check the traffic chart from our blog or website.

2) Advanced Forecasting: “Forecasting” In DoubleClick For Publishers we will get the information from advertiser and how many impressions we get.

Here we get an idea about DoubleClick For Publishers or dfp and how it helpful to us .
Now let us talk about how we use DoubleClick for Publishers.

How we Use DoubleClick For Publishers?

About all Pro Bloggers uses DFP Network and work Smartly and generate Double revenue. Now let us talk about how we start the DoubleClick For Publishers and double our income.

Note- DFP Network only Uses who have Approve Adsense Account beacuse this is a Google product and if we have approval of, Chitika, Infolink and we do not have Google AdSense approval then Google does not give permission to use this DoubleClick For Publishers.

If you have an Adsense account, then Simple DFP Network Open and click on Sign up and Create an Account. When we create an account then they ask us about Monthly Visitor and Adsense Network. If we select Yes then we Qualified in that.

After creation an account then we create Ad Unit, just similar to the Ads system in Website. When we create ad Unit after that DFP creates an ad tag create which in the form of HTML & Java Script Code.

After the creation of Ad Unit, we just put these ads on our Advertising Platform i,e on Website. If Visitor open the Webpage then Ad Tag generates an ad Unit Identify and shows Suitable Space to the visitors.

This process is just similar to the Ad Unit Setup process. But i tell you, If we use DoubleClick For Publishers, then it only shows high CPC ads in our websites which will increase or double our income.

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Final Words

So friends DoubleClick For Publishers is a best Tool and only little bit peoples knows this. Those peoples who knows about this, they are making great amount of money , so if you have approve Adsense Account then use this tool and Setup it in your blog or website. If you have any query then you just put your comment on comment section. Thanks for reading this article and also share this with others.